Frau writing an der lahneck

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German honorifics

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We are proud of the lawyers and business services professionals who work for us and of the service that together we provide to our clients. JavaScript is everywhere.

At the International JavaScript Conference you will meet internationally known JavaScript experts who share their knowledge in. Partizip I as an adverb. When we want to use the Partizip I as an adverb we need to use it with a full verb. In this case, the Partizip I need not to be inflected.

It only exists in its basic form with -d. Der Mann steht schreibend am Tisch. – The man is standing at the table writing. Die Frau geht lachend über die Straße. – The woman is. Literally, der Herr means the gentleman and die Frau means the woman.

If you use these words without a last name after them, you have to use an article before them; e.g., der Herr or die Frau. This is actually just like in English.

Frau writing an der lahneck
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Grammatik: der Imperativ