Evaluate burger kings strategy of usuing the brazilian experience to guide its entries into russia

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The Pros and Cons of Franchising in China

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BK's Strategy: Play Catch-Up

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Using open source media, the virtual intern will conduct open source research into how each of China’s provinces are implementing industrial policy. Interns will be encouraged to use their own creativity in seeking out sources of information.

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Burger King Corp., which entered China inhas 33 restaurants in the country. Starbucks Corp., which opened its first shop in Beijing inhas roughly stores in China. Papa John’s International, Inc. announced plans in fall to increase the number of its restaurants in.

Burger King figures that this could be an advantage, because the competitors’ pockets are less full than usual. However, as a result of the burger wars, Japanese consumers are accustomed to getting “cheap burgers,” and Burger King’s Whoppers tend to.

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Evaluate burger kings strategy of usuing the brazilian experience to guide its entries into russia
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