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China's Xinhua agency unveils AI news presenter

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Trump and China: Master diplomat or paper tiger?

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China's party paper trumpets U.N. rights resolution as combating West's monopoly

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China's party paper trumpets U.N. rights resolution as combating West's monopoly

Publicly, in its Condition 10 C Squatting the U. China, LatAm media agree to step up cooperation.

Onion: We just fooled the Chinese government!

Representatives from more than media outlets from China and Latin America and the Caribbean on Monday agreed to boost cooperation.

Which country invented paper, gunpowder, silk, porcelain, printing and the magnetic compass? The answer is China. China is one of the oldest civilizations and for centuries it was ahead of the rest of the world in technology, math and science.

The West's monopoly on rights has been dealt a blow by the United Nations' decision to adopt a China-led resolution saying development promotes human rights, an editorial in the official paper of.

China’s commitments were ratified by the country’s Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress on September 3,and China started implementing its first tariff cuts on covered goods from September 15, The West's monopoly on rights has been dealt a blow by the United Nations' decision to adopt a China-led resolution saying development promotes human rights, an editorial in the official paper of.

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China un paper
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